BUSTER Nylon Pet Transport Bag

BUSTER Nylon Pet Transport Bag

The BUSTER by Kruuse Travel Bag is a comfortable bag for animal and owner which is designed by vets. It is quick and easy to close and adds to the security of the animal, as the head of the animal is uncovered. The bag is available in 2 fitted sizes all according to the weight of the animal. By choosing the correct size the animal will be inhibited from rotating inside the bag. The bag is ideal for all small dogs, cats and rabbits. However, it is unsuitable for ferals. With detachable lamb skin padding at the neck. Advantage: durable and washable material. Palpation possible. Never leave your animal unsupervised while it's in the travel bag.

    • Comfortable bag for animal and owner designed by vets. Alternative to a plastic carrier


    • The only transport bag on the market with anatomical design and a fur collar for extra comfort around the neck


    • Leaves your hands free which allows owner to pat animal for comfort


    • Easy to store when not being used and has holes for ventilation so the animal doesn't get to hot


    • Easy and light to carry with 2 adjustable shoulder straps and the material is not bulky while being able to withstand scratching claws




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