BUSTER Outdoor Softshell Dog Jacket

BUSTER Outdoor Softshell Dog Jacket

The windproof and water-resistant Buster Soft Shell Jacket is ideal for your dog to keep warm and dry when the weather is rainy and cold. The soft shell material with 4-way stretch and excellent breathability is selected to provide a comfortable fit and durable protection during activities in rugged terrains. The design of the Buster Soft Shell Jacket makes it an easy task to put on and take off. It fits both males and females. The neck is adjustable to fit your dog's size. Sleeveless cut grants your dog freedom of movement when running and playing. Dog lead can exit the jacket via the specially designed double zipper, even when your dog wears a collar or a harness. 

- Windproof and water resistant
- Adjustable neck
- Easy to put on and remove
- Stretch and breathable material

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