KRUUSE Bedi-Shield Finger Protector for Brushing Pets Teeth, Twin-Pack

SKU: KR271477-1

The KRUUSE-Bedi-Shield-Vet is a dental aid designed to ensure the oral health and general wellbeing of small animals Maintaining a dog's health often involves carrying out procedures like;


  • Mouth checks to spot any dental issues
  • Administering medication using the finger or pill gun
  • Removing food or debris stuck in the mouth
  • Checking for calculus build up
  • Tooth brushing


Carrying out these procedures often involves having to open the animal's mouth. The KRUUSE-Bedi-Shield-Vet is an aid that allows you to safely keep the mouth open, whilst ensuring the comfort for the animal.

The external rubbery material of the aid also acts as a chew toy, distracting the animal whilst you conduct your checks.


Recommended Usage;


  • Small animals to aid oral inspection and cleaning
  • To aid pill giving and other medication
  • Removing food and debris stuck in the mouth


Avoid using the shield if the animal is aggressive or has an excessive biting force
Not to be used for large pets especially large dogs with wide openings


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