KRUUSE Fun-Flex Pet Bandage, 10 Rolls Assorted

KRUUSE Fun-Flex Pet Bandage, 10 Rolls Assorted


Superior quality of flexible cohesive bandage for fixation of dressings and controlled support of sprains and distorsions. Strong, comfortable and user-friendly. Easy to tear.

- Easy to adjust
- Self-adhesive
- Lightweight
- Easy tear-off
- Adjusts to the body outline


Recommended use for KRUUSE Fun-Flex

  • Controlled support and compression of joints, sprains, distortions.
  • Fixating dressings


Instructions for use:


Fixate the end of the bandage and apply evenly over a larger area of the injured body part stretching the bandage according to the level of compression needed. When application is done, do a straight tear of the bandage. Do not twist; it will make the tearing more difficult. When applied, squeeze gently the layers together to enhance the cohesiveness. Use KRUUSE Fun-Flex as secondary/tertiary bandage on top of primary/secondary dressing.



Unroll bandage or cut gently with a bandage scissor, be careful not to cut into the skin.


Do not use If patient or user is allergic to latex.


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