BUSTER Plastic Dog Muzzle with Leather Straps

BUSTER Plastic Dog Muzzle with Leather Straps

Made of strong, special plastic with nose reinforcement - with strong leather strap.


- Basket muzzle
- Made from strong flexible plastic
- Strong leather adjustable strap
- Fits securely and comfortably


Breed Recommendations :

Size 1: ----- Chihuahua, Japanese Chin, Maltese.

Size 2: ----- Papillion, Yorkshire terrier, Brichon Frise.

Size 3: ----- Standard Dachshund.

Size 4: ----- Border terrier, Cairn terrier, Cavalier Spaniel, Jack Russell terrier.

Size 5: ----- Bedlington terrier, Basenji, Fox terrier.

Size 6: ----- Beagle, Border Collie, Cocker Spaniel, Poodle, Welsh Terrier.

Size 7: ----- Dalmatian, Elkhound, German Shepard, Pointer, Springer Spaniel.

Size 8: ----- English Setter, Flat covered Retriever, Foxhound, Golden Retriever.

Size 9: ----- Gordon Setter, German Shepard, Old English Sheepdog, Welmaraner.

Size 10: --- Irish Wolfhound, Afghan Hound, Bouvier.


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